Welcome to Perfect Momey Adder 2014!

Perfect Money Adder v.4.6 2014 is a software that add money into a Perfect Money account. It penetrate the security firewalls of Perfect Money system using stealth mode and credit up to $10,000 (ten thousand Dollars) per day into any Perfect Money account. This software is easy to use and straight to point, though we highly recommend that you should open two or more Perfect Money accounts before using it. So, as soon as the software add money into the first account, you can transfer the money to your other accounts where you can proceed to either sell, spend or save.



1. Easy to use with simple interface
2. Support any Windows, Android and Mac operating system

3. Works with unlimited IP's (No IP restriction)
4. Automatically establishes connection to Perfect Money database and generate funds into your account via stealth mode

5. Auto software update
6. Software is 100% safe
7. Has no login track and also protect account from other hacking software
8. Software has no security problem
9. With this software, you can add up to $10,000 per day into your Perfect Money account

10. Life time use.


PRICE: Software price $999.99 for 1 PC license.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept payment via Perfect Money, Bitcoin and EgoPay.


HOW TO BUY: To buy software, follow the instructions here and make payment.



ADD4ME is a service we offer to those who does not have up to $999.99 to buy PM Adder license key and those who does not want to buy or use the software for what ever reason. We will use our software to add money directly to your Perfect Money account.


ADD4ME plans are as follows:


* Send $50 and get $100 back
* Send $100 and get $200 back
* Send $200 and get $400 back
* Send $500 and get $1000 back
* Send $1000 and get $2000 back
* Send $5000 and get $10000 back
* Send $10,000 and get $20,000 back

* e.t.c


To partake in the ADD4ME, follow instructions here.

NOTE: ADD4ME service is strictly on "first pay, first serve" basis. When you make payment for ADD4ME, please allow up to 48 hours to get back the request amount shown above.

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